“We want to uplift our children to be leaders of tomorrow, and in order
to do that, we must become the leaders that they look up to today.”

The Vision of our Chairperson

Mr. Harsh Vardhan Kanoria

Founder and Trustee, Jan Priya Trust

An eminent Industrialist and the Chairman of the Cheviot Group, Mr H.V Kanoria is a great leader. He believes in the responsibility of giving back to the community with compassion. Cygnus World School is a part of that very vision. He is also the Chairman of Gangabux Kanoria Bhavan School, Kolkata and is a Board-member of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.

From the Founder’s desk

Ms. Madhavi Agrawal

Founder, Cygnus World School

Further igniting the worldly vision of her father, Ms. Madhavi Agrawal has taken Cygnus and made it into a multidimensional institution for holistic learning. After completing her Bachelors in Economics from the prestigious Sri Ram College of Commerce, Madhavi pursued courses in Child Psychology from the United Kingdom and Harvard University. An ardent sportsperson herself, Madhavi believes in the importance of a multi-faceted school curriculum.

Directing the Course for Success

Ms. Bhavani Raghuraman

Director, Educator and Facilitator

One of the most respected names in the academic world, Ms. Bhavani Raghuraman has led a journey of 44 years in this field wherein she has been a principal and academic leader at reputed schools all over the country. She has been nominated for the ‘Shiksha Bharti Award’ under the Indian Economic Development and Research Association-New Delhi, and also conferred awards for being a ‘Proficient Educator’ throughout her career.

The Principal

Ms. Kanchan Joshi

Principal, Cygnus World School

Ms. Kanchan Joshi is a double post graduate in the field of Chemistry and Education. She has a rich experience of over 20 years in the field of education. Ms. Kanchan Joshi believes in catering to the individuality of every student. Through her vast knowledge in teaching pedagogy, she has built an extensive curriculum and leadership for Cygnus World School.

The Mentors of Excellence

Ruta Patel

Teacher- Foundation B.Sc, P.G.D.E.C.C.E

Mita Patel

Teacher- Foundation M.Com, D.E.C.E

Zalak Jigish Makwana

Teacher- Foundation B.A, P.T.C

Nitika Anandsharan Barot

Teacher- Foundation B.A, P.T.C and E.C.C.E

Amee Abhijit Mehta

Teacher- Junior K.G. B.Com, D.E.C.E

Kajal Shah

Teacher- Junior K.G. B.Sc

Priyanka Dave

Teacher- Junior K.G. B.Com, Diploma in Child Psychology and Montessori

Khushbu Deepak Bhatia

Teacher- Junior K.G. B. Com D.E.C.E

Vanita Satyanarayan Shah

Teacher- Senior K.G. B.Com, PGD in Guidance Counselling

Varsha Anand Sarda

Teacher- Senior K.G. B.Sc, D.E.C.E

Mili Sanghavi

Teacher- Senior K.G. M.Sc

Neha Kataria

Teacher- Senior K.G. M.Sc

Mariyam Tinwala

Teacher- Senior K.G. M.Sc

Megha Shah

Teacher- Senior K.G. E.C.C.Ed., Diploma in Fashion Designing

Subhashree Iyer

Teacher - Foundation M.Com, D.E.C.E.

Pavithra Lokesh

Teacher - B.Com

Lili J. Jha

Teacher- Hindi and Sanskrit B.Ed, Double M.A and C.T.E.T

Chintamani Tushar Parlikar

Teacher- Math B.E, B.Ed and C.T.E.T

Meena Burhanpurkar

Teacher- Math B.Ed, M.Sc and C.T.E.T

Deepti Anil D’Almeida

Teacher- English B.Com, B.Ed and C.T.E.T

Debarati Bhattacharya

Coordinator Grade IX-XII B.Sc, B.Ed

Shyama Singh

Teacher : Hindi M.A, M.Ed

Pratibha Sharma

Teacher- Hindi B.Ed, M.A

Hadrian D’Cruz

Teacher- English and Social Science M.A, B. ED

Sushma Rajput

Teacher- Hindi B.Ed, M.A

Sukhjinder Kaur Anand

Teacher- Math B.Ed, M.Sc

Urvashi Sharma

Teacher- Business Studies B.Ed, M.B.A

Sanchita Kundu

Teacher- Social Science and History B.Ed, M.A

Mansi Brahmbhatt

Teacher- Science B.Ed, M.Sc and C.T.E.T

Nishi Mishra

Teacher- History and Political Science B.Ed, M.A

Dixita Patel

Teacher- Science M.Sc, C.T.E.T, B.Ed

Manjusha Pikle

Teacher- Chemistry B.Ed, M.Sc

Monica Sharma

Teacher- Social Science B.Ed, M.Com and M.A

Sanjana Kasture

Teacher- English B.Ed, M.A

Shilpa Pathak

Teacher- Science (Biology) B.Ed, M.Sc and C.T.E.T

Pooja Nagdev

Teacher - M.Com., M.Ed., PG Dip in Applied Economics.

Anamika Baksi

Teacher- English B.Ed, M.A

Alpa Lakhani

Teacher- Math B.Ed, M.Sc

Veena Nair

Teacher- Psychology B.Ed, M.A

Kirtimaan Sharma

Teacher- German M.A in German Literature

Neeta R Shah

Health And Wellness Teacher - M.A., B.Ed., PG Dip. in Counseling, PG Dip. in Clinical counseling

Adeel Saleem Timol

Teacher- Accountancy B.Ed, M.Com

Pravinchandra R. Patel

Lab Assistant B.Sc

Nidhi Banga

Teacher - Chemistry & Biology Double M.Sc., B.Ed

Shivani Nautiyal

Teacher: English B.Com., M.A., B.Ed

Sharma Divya Pravinkumar

Teacher - B.E., B.Ed

Ravindranath K

Teacher – Math M.Sc, PGDE, Educator certificate for Dip program (IBDP)

Sarika Mandal

Teacher - B.Ed., M.Sc.

Yesha Shah

Art and Craft- Primary M.A

Sonatina Jeniffer Mendes

Art and Craft- Primary B.F.A, Post Diploma in Painting

Navjot Sohal

Art and Sculpture- Primary M.V.A

Neha Gandhi

Dance- Primary School M.P.A

Anjali Teredesai

Librarian-Primary School B.Sc, B.Lib

Binal Deepak Kataria

Librarian- Secondary School B.Lib, M.Lib (Pursuing) and M.Com

Kiran Kumar Gopalbhai Tadvi

Physical Education- Primary School M.P.Ed

Varsha Hathila

Teacher - B.Com., M.P.Ed

Ketan Vaghela

P.E- Primary School B.P.Ed, M.Com

Sanjay Bamaniya

Karate- Primary School Diploma in Karate and Taekwondo, 3rd D.A.N Black-Belt Taekwondo

Pratik Macwan

Basketball Coach

Bina Shah

Special Education- Primary School B.A, B.Ed and Diploma in Children Disability

Harshida Mistry

Music MPA

Bhavin Negandhi

Music MPA, Sangeet Visharad

Jyothi. S.

HOD - Sec and Sr. Sec Grade VI-XII, M.Sc M,.Phil, M.Ed., Dip in RDBMS, Hindi Praveen, IBDP Trained

Sakina Abbasali Giniwala

Head of Primary school - Theme, M.A., B.Ed and D.C.C.E

Kajal Shrivastava

Coordinator for Grade I-III, Integrated Theme M.A., B.Ed

Seema Mukherjee

Coordinator for Grade IV and V, Social Studies B.Com, B.Ed

Aparna Maheshwari

HOD- Cheviot Kids B.A, B.Ed and P.G.D.E.C.C.E

Leena Singh

Coordinator for Foundation M.A, D.E.C.E

Devyani Subrata Chatterjee

Coordinator for Senior K.G. B.Com, P.G.D.E.C.C.E

Madhavi Mangat

Co-ordinator for Grade VI to VIII, M. A., B.Ed.

Gargi Vyas

Coordinator for Junior K.G. B.Sc, P.G.D.E.C.C.E

Smita Debata

Event Coordinator Grade VI to XII. Teacher- Science M.Sc, B.Ed., C.T.E.T

Gaurav Chaturvedi

Coordinator for Co Curricular activities - Theatre and Drama M.P.A

Digvijaysinh Zala

Coordinator for Sports B.A., B.P.Ed., M.P.ES, NS NIS (CC)

Archana Kamlesh Macwan

Teacher- English, Integrated Theme B.Com, B.Ed

Ashmi Ronak Joshi

Teacher- Math M.Com, B.Ed

Kruti Dave

Teacher- English, Integrated Theme B.Sc, B.Ed

Priyanka Shah

Teacher- English M.Com, B.Ed and C.T.E.T

Sejal Arora

Teacher- English, Integrated Theme M.Com, B.Ed

Shweta Sigar

Teacher- English, Integrated Theme M.Com, B.Ed

Sucheta Baldaniya

Teacher- English, Integrated Theme M.Com, B.Ed

Arti Mishra

Teacher- Hindi M.A, B.Ed

Jyoti Suraj Gupta

Teacher- Maths and Science M.Com, B.Ed.

Priyanka Upadhyay

Teacher- Hindi and Sanskrit M.A, B.Ed.

Rachana Shirke

Teacher- Math M.Sc, B.Ed

Richa Jha

Teacher- Math B.Com, B.Ed

Sumitra Ghosal

Teacher- ICT, Artificial intelligence B.Ed, M.C.A

Nirmla Mishra

Teacher- Hindi B.Ed, M.A

Fatima Ranapurwala

Teacher- Math B.E, B.Ed.

Nitu Masand

Teacher- Math B.Ed, M.Com

Susan Thomas

Teacher- English, Integrated Theme B.Ed, M.Com and M.A

Janki Nareshkumar Thakkar

Teacher- ICT, Web Technology B.E (IT)

Rukhsar Pathan

Teacher - B.Ed, M.Com, ECCE

Varsha Kartikeya Sharma

Teacher- ICT M.C.A

Jamana Kanwar

Primary Teacher - M.A., DECE, B.Ed.

Shikha Shrivastava

Teacher- Hindi B.Ed, M.A

Nancy Panchal

Teacher- English, Integrated Theme B.Ed, M.Com

Swarnalata Yadav

Teacher - Science, Integrated Theme B.Sc., B.Ed

Vishakha Mehta

Teacher - English M.Com, B.Ed

Our Admin Staff

From essential to non-essential services such as transport, housekeeping, infrastructure maintenance, food, security and a lot more; our Administrative Team is the backbone of Cygnus World School’s everyday activities.