Cheviot Kids
Nurturing a cohesive environment that matches the requirements of an early education stage. At Cheviot Kids, we aim to provide an initial benchmark of age-appropriate learning.
Primary School
Building core competencies while also understanding the creative and expressive needs of children as they begin their journey towards the real world.
Middle School
Handing the right tools of independence to young-adults while simultaneously encouraging them to be curious and mindful towards academic progression.
High School
Supporting the advancement of our students who are ready to fly out into the real world. Being a guide throughout the entire decision making process from school to college.
Global Programmes
Academic immersion opportunities with partners throughout the globe. Witness the wonders of a ‘world’ school that extends the Cygnus love to all its collaborators.
Beyond Academics
Our curriculum provides a balanced mix between classroom teaching, sports and co-curricular activities that gives the student an application-based learning experience.
Bulletin Board


Nanhe Sitare

An inter-school competition organized by Anand Prep Academy for the little champs. The children engaged in interesting and fun-filled activities. Cheviot Kids enthusiastically participated and won laurels for their brilliant performances.



Rakshabandhan was celebrated enthusiastically with our Cheviot children on the 20th of August, 2021. The celebration began with a video that made the children aware that we also have to love and respect all the support members of the society, with a special mention of loving and protecting Earth. Our kids tied the Rakhi to a plant and took an oath to protect and grow more plants. This way " Vriksha Bandhan" was celebrated auspiciously and children had a blast dancing at the end of the session.

A Space of Unhindered
A progressive curriculum
Tech-enabled smart classrooms and evolved teaching techniques
A thriving environment
An IGBC certified green campus with state-of-the-art facilities
Developing real-world skills
A hands-on approach to learning - building skills of every child through participation
Inculcating a strong value system
Imbibe values that are fundamental to becoming good human beings