World-wide Platform for Students

American Field Services (AFS)

The AFS is present in over 98 different countries. It is an inclusive education community of citizens belonging to different parts of the world. Cygnus World School has partnered with AFS to provide its students with a unique intercultural experience. A global programme that specifically caters to high school students, we believe that AFS will expose them to essential global skills.

Cialfo- Singapore

A Singapore-based career guidance platform, Cialfo helps students access schools in 90 countries and universities in 55 countries across the world. Cygnus World School is associated with the platform to provide a greater opportunity to our high school students and help them select the university of their choice.

International Dimension in Schools- The British Council

Cygnus World School has been recognized for inculcating international awareness and global citizenship within the academics and school by The British Council consecutively from 2016-19 and 2020-23. We have also tried to add more partners in collaboration to provide our students with a truly worldly learning experience.