For green construction and eco-friendly infrastructure of the school.
For availing green and sustainable practices within the school.
For maintaining clean water, sanitation and hygiene facilities.
From our infrastructure to the everyday maintenance of our school campus; Cygnus World School is built on the pillars of sustainability.
Through the Cygnus Sustenance Approach, our students are able to experience, learn and follow sustainable practices within and outside the school.
Pollution-free Landscape
  • A central green space located in the middle of the academic buildings.
  • Strips of green trees surrounding the campus boundaries.
  • A safe distance between the academic blocks and main gates of the campus to keep away from any external noise.
Efficient Energy Usage
  • Windows in the North and doors in the South that provide natural air throughout the day.
  • Walls built using Fly-Ash blocks that provide weather-specific insulation.
  • Roof layered with deck insulation for better climate adaptability.
  • Solar powered street lights and LED energy-saving lights throughout the campus.
  • Elevation fins on each floor to provide glare-free natural sunlight.
  • Open balconies on each floor filled with greenery to provide clean-oxygen.
Sustainable Maintenance of the School
  • Rainwater harvesting systems across the school for landscape irrigation.
  • Drip irrigation systems installed to minimize water wastage in larger areas.
  • Bio-degradation systems and vermiculture practices for efficient waste management within the campus.
The Student-led
Sustenance Approach
Our 360-degree approach towards learning also includes spreading awareness about the environmental responsibility that each student has towards their home planet.