Achievement - SOF Olympiads - Winners List - Academic Year 2021-22

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!


Achievement - Anushka Jha X-B


It is rightly said by Bertrand Russell: “No great achievement is possible without persistent work.”

Anushka Jha, of Grade 10 B of Cygnus World School has proved this. She secured the 20th All India Rank in the STEM Quiz which is an extraordinary achievement. The test was conducted by Waran's Academy of Excellence in association with Education Overseas Academy, Melbourne Australia.

She will have an opportunity to interact with the top Australian Universities with consideration for Scholarships. She had registered for the same, through the school in the month of January.

We appreciate Anushka’s interest, involvement and the focus she depicts.

Hope her enthusiasm will inspire others to move forward with actions that bring rewarding achievements.

Heartiest Congratulations to Anushka and her proud parents!

Achievement -Ayesha Bali (9-B) and Ishan Bali (6-D)


“I always try to do better than I have before, so I think it would be good to break the world record”. - Ashton Eaton

Cygnus World School is delighted to announce that Ayesha Bali (Grade 9-B) and Ishan Bali (Grade 6-D), had participated to set the Guinness World Record of "Most number of people solving rotating puzzle online simultaneously" and were successful in achieving the same. This is visible on the official Guinness World Record website, and following is the link for the same:

This was a mass record, however individual times were noted and only the kids who achieved it on time were approved for the record. The scramble for the Rubik's cube was given by Guinness, and it had to be solved by kids in record time. Both Ayesha and Ishan were successful in achieving this.

Heartiest congratulations to Ayesha, Ishan & their proud parents!

Achievement - Parisha Vaghela 8-B

We are pleased to inform you that Parisha Vaghela of grade 8-B  participated in the 2nd Open National Taekwondo Championship 2022 at Daman in the under 17 junior girls category and she won a Silver Medal in Kyorogi (fight) organized by Honour Martial Arts Academy and Taekwondo Association of Dadra Nagar Haveli & Diu Daman.

Heartiest Congratulations to Parisha and her proud parents!

Achievement -Prushti Sharma XII-A

At the Young India Leadership Program, participants (IX to XII and VI to VIII) took part in a variety of exciting competition rounds and thought-provoking seminars which encompassed a period of almost three months. Over 500 students from 50 of the country's leading schools participated in the programme at its inception, which aimed to broaden students' understanding of the phrase "leadership."

Students were expected to examine global concerns that are impeding progress and to come up with solutions for these problems in group discussions. Followed by a personal interview round, in which participants were given a series of thought-provoking questions in order to understand the depth in their thought process.

After passing the selection criteria, 300 students were chosen to participate in 'The Finale' ACES, in which they were tasked with creating their own nation, defending an accused leader, building their own consumer brand and demonstrating their creativity and language abilities.

Students of Cygnus World School (Pratul and Ruchi from Junior & Prushti, Ali, Sitara and Vaishnavi from the senior category) reached the Final ACES round.

Prushti has received a runners-up certificate. She stood among the top 10 students in the senior category who reached the final of the FINALE ACES round.

It was a great learning experience for all the students. We highly appreciate all of them, for being consistent & persistent to reach up to whichever level they could.

We wish them “All the Best” for their future endeavours!

Achievement - Ms. Priyanka Upadhyay (Hindi Teacher)

National Level Achievement

Achievement - Aarush Patel 5-C

We are pleased to inform you that Aarush Patel (Grade 5-C) has secured 1st position and won Gold medal and certificate in National Round of the International KenKen Math Puzzle Olympiad – India Edition 2021-22. He has also received certificates and medals for the different rounds in the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Aarush and his proud parents!

Achievement - Dhir Shah 3-A

We are pleased to inform you that Dhir Shah (Grade 3-A) has secured Gold Medals in the 2nd Vadodara District Kickboxing Championship 2022 (25 KG light weight category) on 3th April’22. He has also received certificate for the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Dhir and his proud parents!

Achievement -Khel Mahakumbh

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before”- Bonnie Blair

We are proud to announce that our students of Cygnus World School recently participated in the Khel Mahakumbh 2022 organized by Gujarat State Government

With immense pride we announce that out of the ten categories we participated in, our children managed to bag prizes in eight categories. Many of our students from the team events are also selected to play the state tournaments because of their exceptional performance.

The details of the winners are as follows:

Sr. No.




Participants playing state tournament


Soccer Under 17 Girls



3rd Position

1. Samaira Jain,

2. Divija Gangwal,

3. Aarna Jhaver,

4. Aarna Amin.


Soccer Under 14 Boys




1. Vyom Shah,

2. Taksh Patel,

3. Shill Bhudrani.

4. Abdullah Jaliwala


Basketball Under 14 Girls



3rd Position

1. Nitya Agrawal

2. Kavya Patel

3. Prisha Ramani


Basketball Under 14 Boys



3rd Position

1. Preet Patel

2. Drupad Pant

3. Arnav Singh

4. Pratham Lahori


Basketball Under 17 Girls



1. Diya Patel

2. Anjali Shimpi

3. Riya Rajpurohit


Basketball Under 17 Boys



1. Preetham BC

2. Harshvardhansingh Rajpurohit


Karate under 14 girls 50 kg category

Parisha Vaghela (7B)

3rd Position



Karate Under 14 Boys 25kg to 30kg Category

Saumya Shah (6A)

3rd Position




Zone leave Tournament

Nabhya Patel (3 C)

1st Position


Tanav Shroff (5 A)

2nd Position

Aaryan Kashiwala (4C)

3rd Position







Skating District level - Category Inline 500 meter and 1000 meter

Rishi Shah (2C)

1st  Position in 500 meters

1st Position in 1000 meters


Naksh Patel (2B)

2nd Position in 500 meters

2nd position in 1000 meters

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners and their proud parents!


Achievement - Ranvir Shah 3-C

 "A small change can make a big difference. You are the only one who can make our world a better place to inhabit. So, don’t be afraid to take a stand.”- Ankita Singhal.

Cygnus World School would like to share with you an incredible & the inspirational journey of Ranvir Shah who is presently in grade 3-C in this academic session.

During the lockdown Ranvir started growing his hair, as everything was online there were no restrictions. It grew to a point where Ranvir & his parents decided to contribute towards a noble cause. His parents contacted an NGO called “Coping with Cancer” who informed them that Ranvir could donate his hair for making wigs for cancer patients. The minimum length required for donating the hair was 12 inches.  With special permission from school and with Ranvir's patience to bear with such long hair for 2 years in the hot and humid temperatures, he finally touched the magic number of 12 inches.

We are hereby sharing with you the certificate and a before and after picture of Ranvir. We hope this inspires others, kids and adults alike, of schools way beyond Cygnus, to become aware of one of the many problems faced daily by millions of cancer patients. Also to give them a chance to donate something which doesn't take any great efforts or money or cause any pain to the donor. 

We are extremely proud of Ranvir, who being so young has made such a huge impact in someone’s life.



Achievement - 'The Pinnacle’ an Interschool competition

Children of Cheviot Kids had participated in 'The Pinnacle’ an Interschool competition organized by Cheviot Kids. They performed exceptionally well and had earned certificates and medals in various categories such as competitions like Shloka Recitation, Pair up with puppets (Senior KG), Trash to treasure, Around the world (fancy dress) (Junior KG), No pain no gain and Nanhe Kavi (Nursery).

Achievement - Jenny R. Ramchandani -Pixies -B

Jenny R. Ramchandani of Pixies had participated in Drawing & Painting and Handwriting Competition organized by National Education and Human Resource Development Organisation (NEHRDO).

Achievement - Shrija Pawar - Brownies-A

Shrija Pawar of Brownies-A had been awarded a certificate of Meritorious Performance in English, Math and Science, International Junior Olympiad conducted by NOF. She was awarded with Class Rank - 1 in all three subjects.


Achievement - Vihani Shah - Brownies-A

Vihani Shah of Brownies-A had been awarded a certificate of Meritorious Performance in English, Math and Science, International Junior Olympiad conducted by NOF. She was awarded as Class Rank - 1 in all three subjects.

Achievement - Swara Kahar 6-C

We are pleased to inform you that Swara Kahar (Grade 6-C) has secured 3rd Position in the Kudo International Federation India held at Solan, Himachal Pradesh from 14th February’22 to 20th February’22 in the category of 2nd Kudo Federation Cup. She has received certificate and medal for the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Swara and her proud parents!

Achievement - Devansh Mehta - Elves-B

Devansh Mehta of Elves-B had participated in 'TRIUMPH' an International competition 2021-2022. It was organized by Tejas Vidyalaya. He secured 1st position in the "Block Safari".

Achievement - Dhriya Thakkar 4-C

We are pleased to inform you that Dhriya Thakkar (Grade 4-C) has secured 1st Position in the BFA C.A.P.S. Academy Badminton Tournament 2022 held at BFA Sports Complex, Vadodara on 22nd February’22 in the under 16 Girls category. She has received certificate and trophy for the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Dhriya and her proud parents!

Achievement - Nabhya Patel 3-C

We are pleased to inform you that Nabhya Patel (Grade 3-C) has secured 1st Position in the Bhagyashree Chess Academy Tournament 2022 on 27th February’22 in the under 10 category. He has received trophy and medal for the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Nabhya and his proud parents!

Achievement - Heer Patel 5 - C

We are pleased to inform you that Heer Patel (Grade 5-C) has won 1st Consolation Prize in ‘MENAGE FAMILY UNITY 2022 – Virtual International Fest organized by City Montessori School, Lucknow.  She received a certificate in the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Heer and her proud parents!

ARISE II Winners

ARISE II Winners (St. Kabir School)

Winning doesn’t always mean being first. Winning means you’re doing better than you’ve ever done before”- Bonnie Blair

A proud moment for us!

We are proud to announce that our students of Cygnus World School recently participated in the interschool competition organized by St. Kabir School, Vadodara, Gujarat called “ARISE II” where around 54 participant schools with 9-10 participants from each school took part from all across the globe.

With immense pride we announce that out of the ten categories we participated in, our children managed to bag prizes in eight categories.

The details of the winners are as follows:

Sr. No.

Name of the Competition


Type of the competition




Story Tailor



Vedika Thakkar

2nd Position


Mystery Ladder



Sanil Golaviya


3rd Position


Sant Vaani



Aarushi Patel


2nd Position


Maps Come Alive



Aarohi Joshi

3rd Position


An Act Of God



Rudra Vaghela

1st Position





Ananmay Sharma

3rd Position





Vansh Patel


3rd Positionl


Director’s cut



1. Sitara Pillai

2. Prushti Sharma

3. Aashi Patel

4. Tarun Kumar

5. Jimil Doshi

6. Harsh Shah

2nd Position

Heartiest congratulations to all the winners and their proud parents!

We wish you all the best for all your future endeavours.

Achievement -Dhanshri Gajjar XI- C

“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world” – Mary Anne Radmacher

Meet the Brand Ambassador of Exchange Programs at Cygnus - Dhanshri Gajjar  XI –C

An opportunity of a lifetime was availed by our Grade 11 Humanities student, Dhanshri Gajjar. She went on a short – term (two months) AFS student cultural exchange programme to Italy from 16th December, 2021 to 17th February, 2022. It was possibly one of the best ways to experience international education and develop a global perspective. She came back with a life-enriching experience.

Within a short span of 2 months we can see Dhanshri as a transformed individual full of confidence & very high self-esteem.

We wish her “All the Best” for all her future endeavours & hope that she inspires many more Cygnites to avail such life changing opportunities.


Achievement - Yashvi Patel

We are pleased to inform you that Yashvi Patel of I-B has secured 1st position in a singing competition organized by Wiz Kids Carnival. “Patriotism” was the theme for the event and she had performed to the patriotic song titled ”Jhanda hai  Bharat ki Shaan ”

Hearty congratulations to Yashvi and her proud parents!



Achievers of Art Elementary Exam

Cygnus World School is committed to opening various new learning platforms for our students. Therefore, we have introduced the Elementary and Intermediate drawing exams for our students of Grade 5 to 12 from the academic session 2021-2022 onwards.

The Elementary/ Intermediate exams are instituted with the idea of encouraging and developing an interest in art education amongst young aspiring individuals. It is conducted through the Gujarat State Examination Board, each year. It is beneficial to the students who seek admissions in the college of Fine Arts, Design, Architecture or Product Designing as their main stream. Extra marks are credited to students on the basis of the grade they achieve in these exams.

It is with pride that we announce the first result of these exams of our school’s students of this year:

Aarav Khandelwal - Grade 8, Aarohi Joshi - Grade 7, Aarushi Patel - Grade 6, Devansh Soni - Grade 7, Kavya Tanmay Patel - Grade 8, Sanjal Gangwar - Grade 6, all scored an A Grade each and Subhasis Satapathy - Grade 6 and Kayaan Tanmay Patel - Grade 8 - Scored a B. 

Congratulations to our students, the teachers as well as the proud parents who have contributed in the course of creating this wonderful result! 


Achievement - Ashmita Ukil 11-C

“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” — Maya Angelou

Unleash Your Creativity DESIGN COMPETITION was organized for Grades 11th & 12th by Ecole Intuit Labs, New Delhi in collaboration with ICS Career GPS École Intuit Lab, School of Design & Creative Strategy. This institute transforms students into highly skilled professionals attuned to the needs of the graphic design and digital communication.

We are proud to announce that Ashmita Ukil of Grade 11-C has got selected in the top 50 students for a UI-UX Workshop by Ecole Intuit Lab (EIL) through this competition.

Heartiest congratulations to Ashmita and her proud Parents!

Annual Inter-School Quiz 2021

We are pleased to inform you that Jahnvi Verma of Grade I B participated in the Annual Inter-School Quiz 2021 conducted by “Curious Times”.

She attempted online quizzes in various categories and secured the following positions. She received a digital certificate for the same.

  • Entertainment – First Position
  • GK – First Position
  • Sports – Second Position
  • Science – Third Position

  Heartiest Congratulations to the winner and her proud parents!



“The Santa Contest” conducted by Dino Lab

Dear Parents,


We are pleased to inform you that the following 11 students are the winners of The Santa Contest” conducted by Dino Lab. They have received a special gift for their active participation and excellent efforts in using the Dino lab app from 21.12.2021 to 21.01.2022.


Heartiest Congratulations to the winners and their proud parents!

Sr. No.

Name of the Students

Class and Section


Swastick Patel



Viha Patel



Yuvraj Khimlani



Vihana Patel



Reyansh Sharma



Navya Parikh



Bhavya Shah



Jaival Trivedi



Ashvik Nougai



Augastya Khandelwal



Richa Chokshi



Achievement - Vansh Patel Grade 9-C

We are proud to announce that Vansh Patel of Grade 9-C participated in the interschool event Spectrum organized by Bright Day School. Vansh created "The Invisible M" in the category E-Creator

Out of 18 participants, he was able to bag the third prize in this category.

He used Adobe Illustrator, Canva and Tinkerkad to execute this E-project.

Heartiest congratulations to Vansh and his proud parents!



Achievement - Anushka Jha 10-B

The students of Cygnus World School participated in the 12th International Painting Competition organized by ICS Institute for Career Studies, Lucknow. There were 750 entries from 150 schools across India, Middle East and Bangladesh. The entries along the theme ofColours of Lifewere assessed for creativity, artistic expression, originality, imagination and composition. Anushka Jha of Grade 10 B was selected in the Special Mention Category’.

Her art will be featured in the 12th Edition of the Signature ICS Calendar. She has also been awarded a certificate.

Hearty congratulations to Anushka and her proud parents!

Achievement - Kushagrah Jhaver

We are pleased to inform you that Kushagrah Jhaver (Grade 7-C) won a bronze medal in the under 15 category of boys’ double in badminton in the 6th Sayaji Kreeda Mahotsav 2022, an event organized by The Baroda District Amateur Athletic Association held at the Waghodia Sports Complex. 

Heartiest Congratulations to Kushagrah and his proud parents!

Achievement - Arastu Upadhyay

 “Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work gains success. Greatness will come.” – Dwayne Johnson

We are pleased to inform you that Arastu Upadhyay (Grade 5-B) participated in the 6th Sayaji Kreeda Mahotsav 2022, organized by The Baroda District Amateur Athletics Association. He won a gold medal in 60m sprint and silver medal in long jump at the district level competition which was held on 3rd January, 2022.

He had been training for this event for about 1.5 years. We are proud of his dedication towards his passion.

May he continue to achieve great success in the future.

Heartiest Congratulations to Arastu and his proud parents!


Achievement - Anaisha Amin

We are pleased to inform you that Anaisha Amin (Grade 5-A) has secured 3rd position in “el jubilo An International Fest 2021” organized by City International School, Jaipur. She has received a certificate in the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Anaisha and her proud parents!

Achievement- Amolya Bhardwaj 8 B

The students of our school from class 6th to 8th participated in Bhavani Bharti Inter school Sanskrit Competition organized by Seth M R Jaipuria School Lucknow, on 18/12/21. Our students participated in two events named Shlok Recitation and Speech.

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that Amolya Bhardwaj of grade 8 B secured second position in Speech Competition.  

Congratulations to Amolya & her proud parents.


Dino Lab Contest Winners

We are pleased to inform you that Vyomrajsinh Sisodia (Grade 4 B), Aradyula Krithik (Grade 2 C) and Kaavya Khandelwal (Grade 2 B) are the winners of Children’s Day Contest” conducted by the

Dino Lab. They have received a special gift for their active participation and excellent efforts in using the Dino lab app.

Heartiest Congratulations to the winners and their proud parents!

Swara Dharaiya of Brownies-C & Vrisha Mehta of Elves-C

Swara Dharaiya of Brownies-C and Vrisha Mehta of Elves-C participated in the Goenkan Gradeur competition organized by G D Goenka Public School, Ghaziabad. They brought laurels to our school. Swara Dharaiya & her mother won the outstanding performance in the Dance with family category. While Vrisha Mehta dressed in mesmerizing attire of Moana bagged the magnificent performance award.


Achievement - OHTSUKA KARATE CUP 2021 Winners

We are pleased to inform you that 9 of our students had participated in the 9th OHTSUKA KARATE CUP 2021, organized by The International Wado Federation of India. The event was held at Waghodia Sports Complex, Vadodara on 26th December, 2021.

Our students performed exceptionally well in various categories.

The details of the achievers are as follows:

Sr. No.

Name of the Student

Grade & Section



Saumya Shah


Silver - Kumite


Devraj Golani


Silver - Kumite


Subhasis Satapathy


Gold- Kumite &  Bronze - Kata


Jenicca Dipen Shah


Silver - Kumite


Rishi Nishesh Amin


Gold - Kumite


Kaavya Shah


Gold - Kumite


Param Dudhatra


Bronze -Kumite


Vishvam Bahedia


Bronze -Kumite


Dhwit Bamaniya

Cheviot Kids Foundation  Pixies -C

Silver - Kumite

Congratulations to each and every one of them & their proud parents!

 We wish them “All the Best” for all their future endeavors!

Achievement - Swara Kahar 6-C

We are pleased to inform you that Swara Kahar of Grade 6-C participated in the Gujarat State Kudo Championship which was organized on 19th December 2021 at Surat. She secured 3rd position in the U-13 category and now will further compete for the Nationals at Himachal Pradesh in the month of February, 2022.

Heartiest Congratulations to Swara and her proud parents!

We wish her “All the Best” in the upcoming event.


Achievement - Dino Lab - Santa Contest Winners

We are pleased to inform you that the following 12 students are the winners of The Santa Contest” conducted by Dino Lab. They have received a special gift for their active participation and excellent efforts in using the Dino lab app from 21.12.2021 to 21.01.2022.

Heartiest Congratulations to the winners and their proud parents!

Sr. No.

Name of the Students

Class and Section


Sharvya Kunder



Rahi Patel



Aryan Kashiwala



Aditi Pandey



Tvisha Gupta



Jaival Trivedi



Harshwardhansinh Solanki



Richa Chokshi



Vihaan Gosai



Dhyey Parikh



Jaivardhan Maheshwari



Lovekumar Baria




Achievements - Tiana Dave - Brownies-D

Tiana Dave of Brownies-D and Kashvi Shah of Elves-C took a trip around the world and represented the National Costumes of Thailand and Brazil respectively in the El Jubilo- An International Fest organized by City International School, Jaipur. Tiana Dave bagged the honorable mention award & Kashvi Shah was awarded in the special mention category where 74 Indian schools & 82 schools around the globe had participated.

Jenny Ramchandani - Pixies-D

Jenny Ramchandani of Pixies-D won first prize in Read Aloud category in the Star Questia International Contest- 2021 organized by 4T Success Academy. She also participated in All India Aatmanirbhar Bharat Art Competition. She got A+ grade in the category of drawing and painting.

Achievement Circular Suryaansh Bahuguna 10-A

We are pleased to inform you that on 18th December, 2021, Saturday, Suryaansh Bahuguna of 10 A placed runners up in the U-17 category in Talent Research Development Wing (TRDW) - Winter Cup Tournament held at Presidency Club. He has been shortlisted to further compete at the Thailand Open in 2022 in the Under 22 Group/Category.

"Be The Dynamite"

We are extremely happy and proud to announce that Ronit Khimani of grade 6-A has secured second position in 'BE THE DYNAMITE’  & Taksh Joshi of grade 4-D has secured first position in 'TAKE OFF’ organised by Full Sail University (USA) on Vawsum. Congratulations to both the kids and their proud parents.

We wish you all the best for all your future endeavors!!

Achievement Hetarth Kataria 3-B

We are pleased to inform you that Hetarth Kataria (Grade 3-B) has secured 2nd Position in the Vadodara District Karate Championship 2021.

He has also secured 1st Position in Gujarat State karate Championship 2021 held at Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Auditorium, Gandhidham on 11th & 12 December’21. He has received certificates and medals for both the competitions.

Heartiest Congratulations to Hetarth and his proud parents!


We are pleased to inform you that 7 of our students had participated in the All VADODARA DISTRICT KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP 2021, organized by The Karate Sports Association, Vadodara. The event was held at Waghodia Sports Complex on 4th & 5th December, 2021 in various categories. Our students performed exceptionally well.

The details of the achievers are as follows:

Sr. No.

Name of the Student

Grade & Section



Shreeya Jajoo 




Parthivi Birju Mashru




Subhasis Satapathy




Jenicca Dipen Shah




Parisha Hitesh Vaghela




Rishi Nishesh Amin

7- D



Radha Sanjeev Patwardhan



Congratulations to each and every one of them & their proud parents!

4 Cygnites have qualified to compete in the State Level competition on 11th & 12th December, 2021 at Gandhidham.

Their names are mentioned below:

  1. Subhasis Satapathy (6-D)
  2. Jenicca Dipen Shah (7-A)
  3. Parisha Hitesh Vaghela (7-B)
  4. Rishi Nishesh Amin (7- D)

 We wish them “All the Best” in their upcoming event.


Achievement - Siddh Jain 2-D

We are pleased to inform you that Siddh Jain studying in 2-D participated in The Vadodara District Chess Championship 2021-22, in the under -7 age category. He secured 3rd position in the competition. He received a Trophy and certificate in the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Siddh and his proud parents!

Achievement - Kiaan Desai IV - B

We are pleased to inform you that Kiaan Desai (Grade 4-B) has secured 2nd Position - 1st Runners Up trophy and a certificate at THE GRANDEUR 2.0 Open Rapid Chess Tournament (Category - Under 11) held at Taj Vivanta on 14th November, 2021.

Heartiest Congratulations to Kiaan and his proud parents!

Achievement - Nivan Desai II-A

We are pleased to inform you that Nivan Desai (Grade 2-A) is the winner of JUST A MINUTE (JAM) Elocution Challenge organized by Curious Times. He received a certificate in the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Nivan and his proud parents!


Achievement - Kashyapi Taywade III-B

We are pleased to inform you that Kashyapi Taywade (Grade 3-B) has secured 2nd position in Group 2 INDIA’S DANCING IDOL 2021.  She received a trophy and a certificate in the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Kashyapi and her proud parents!

Achievement -Aarohi Joshi VII-C

It is rightly said "Success is a habit, cultivate it".

We are very happy to inform you that Aarohi Joshi of Grade 7-C secured First Position in the event Mathematician Comes Alive of the competition Bhaskar Khoj organized by New Era Senior Secondary School, Vadodara, Gujarat.

Aarohi portrayed an incident from the life of the great Mathematician Rene Descarte. 


Heartiest Congratulations to Aarohi.

Achievement - Diya Patel XII-B

We are very happy to inform you that Diya Patel (Grade11-B) had been selected for playing Basketball at the District Level in Surat. The Baroda Girls Basketball Team won the Gujarat State Junior Championship for the 17th Straight Time!

Sharing the link of Instagram and few pictures of the same.

Heartiest Congratulations to Diya and her proud parents!


State-level Chess Tournament

We take the opportunity to highlight the outstanding performance of Agastya Shah of Grade 2 and Vedaant Soneja of Grade 4 in the State-level Chess Tournament and Arjun Chess Academy respectively. Agastya secured the second position for the Grandeur Under-7 category and Vedaant won the Gold medal in the tournament.

Kaleidoscope Achievers


The greatest achievement is to outperform yourself….

KALEIDOSCOPE 2021 – The Appreciating Diversity Virtual Inter School Fest was organized by Seth M. R. Jaipuria, Lucknow in various categories for Grades 1-5. 

We are proud to announce that Vansh Thakore from Grade III has secured Second Position in ‘CHROMATICA- Concept Art’ where students were required to create an artwork based on the given topic /concept related to the theme for the same. 

Also, our school has won 2nd runner up position in one of the special categories named ‘Design Thinking’.  For this category, Tanav Shroff from grade 5 had participated and represented on behalf of Cygnus

It is indeed a moment of pride for the school. Heartiest Congratulations to Vansh and Tanav and their proud parents!!

Achievement - Aadi Shah II - C

We are pleased to inform you that Aadi Shah (Grade 2-C) has secured 1st position in the 2nd INTERNATIONAL OPEN E-KATA CHAMPIONSHIP 2021 organized by JKA INDIA KARNARAKA. He received a medal and a certificate in the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Aadi and his proud parents!


Achievement - Dhir Shah II-A

We are pleased to inform you that Dhir Shah (Grade 2-A) has secured Bronze and Gold in KICK BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP under 7 to 9 years age category.

He received a certificate in the competition.

Heartiest Congratulations to Dhir and his proud parents!

Achievement Circular Arjun Parikh 5-C

30 students of Shiv Sadhana Nrutya Academy, Vadodara participated to create a Record in the India Book of Records on 2nd October 2021. They created a record of the longest Musical Performance held onstage by a group by performing on the Dhun, "Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram" they performed continuously for 6 hours 5 minutes and 17 seconds. This is the first record of its kind in the India Book of Records.  

We are proud to inform that our very own student Arjun Parikh of Grade 5-C was a part of this group and he played Djembe, a rhythm instrument. This is a very proud moment for Arjun and Cygnus World School.

The group was felicitated with a Medal & Certificate from the India Book of Records

We congratulate Arjun & his proud parents for this wonderful achievement.

May your passion for music take you on even greater paths!!

Online Elocution (Kargil Vijay Diwas)


We Are Pleased To State That Adithya Shankar From Grade IV Won The Special Jury Award And Tathya Sharma From Grade III Bagged The Second Position In The All-India Online Elocution Competition, Which Was Organized By The E-Plus Foundation And District Sainik Welfare & Rehabilitation Center, Vadodara Based On The Theme Of Kargil Vijay Divas. Heartiest Congratulations To Adithya And Tathya!

Achievement - "Tender-Voices" 2021-22 Inter-School Competition

Children of Cheviot Kids do not leave any stone unturned when they have to make a mark of themselves. Our children from Pixies, Elves and Brownies participated in the "Tender-Voices" 2021-22 Inter-School Competition organized by Tender Feet Academy, Vadodara. They bagged various positions in different categories. Bravo!!


Achievement - Rianshi Deshmukh - Brownies-D

Rianshi Deshmukh of Brownies-D had taken part in the Inter-school online competition organized by Delhi Public School Gomati Nagar called VOILA. She bagged the Best Voice Modulation award in the story telling competition. She narrated the Frog Prince...using puppets, a beautiful background and her magical voice.

Achievement - Mivaan Solanki Elves-D

Mivaan Solanki of Elves-D bagged the 1st position in Kumite in JSKA CUP 2021 Interclub Karate Championship, organized by Al Azzam Karate Centre, Sharjah in association with Japan Shotokan Karate Association-UAE on 24th September, 2021.

Grade XI results

Cygnus World School is proud to announce yet again 100% results in grade XII.

Heartiest Congratulations to all the students!

All India Art competition

The P. N. Panniker Foundation held an All India Art competition to engage children in a creative exercise to stimulate their expression, creativity and innovative ideas through art. We are happy to announce that Ashmita Ukil (Grade 11) won the second position. 

The work of Ranvir Shah (2 C), Param Gandhi (2 A), Parth Malani (5 D), Bhavya Shah(4 A), Aarushi Patel ( 6 D ), Rangoli Patel (7 A ), Aarohi Joshi ( 7 C ), Samriddhi Tandon (10 B ), Riya Rajpurohit (10 B ), NamrataTandon (10 B ), Anushka Jha ( 10 B ), Hemakshi Jain ( 9 C ) and Afsha Jarwala ( 9 C ) also received acknowledgement from the foundation.

National Singing Idol 2021

We also applaud the excellent performance of our 1st Graders, Adbhuti Kumar and Pransh Singhin the National Singing Idol 2021. Adbhuti secured the second position and Pransh secured the third position.

Online Elocution Kargil War

We are proud to share that Tathya Verma of Grade 3 and Adithya Shankar of Grade 4 of Cygnus World School participated in the Online Elocution Kargil War Competition. Tathya secured the second position and Adithya received a special jury award in the competition.

2021 Grade X results

Many Many Congratulations on the huge and marvellous success of our students. We are proud of you!

Schools bell online

The students of Cygnus World School had participated in the interschool competition organized by St. Kabir School with over 750 participants from across the Globe. We feel immensely proud to announce that our students braved the tough competition and emerged winners in three categories. The details of the winners are as follows:

  • The Art We Miss (Grade 6 to 8) - 1st Prize by Vishwa Uday Kadam, Grade 8
  • The Art We Miss (Grade 9-12) - 2nd Prize by Ashmita Ukil, Grade 11
  • Two to Tango (Grade 9-12) - 2nd Prize by Sitara Pillai, Grade 11
Litzglitz 2021 – The Literary Fest

The Literary Fest was organized by VBCV, Jamshedpur. Mesmeric Magniloquence was the event for students of Grades VII & VIII where students were required to render a declamation speech. Trisha Shah of Grade VIII- B bagged the First Position for the same. Heartiest Congratulations to Trisha!

Discovery Super League 2020

We are pleased to inform you about the achievements of Discovery School Super League 2020.

The toppers in each category are:

  • Category - 1 (Grade 3-4): Aum Trivedi
  • Category - 2 (Grade 5-7): Saumya Patel
  • Category - 3 (Grade 8-10): Darshan S Chauhan
Nanhe Sitare

An inter-school competition organized by Anand Prep Academy for the little champs. The children engaged in interesting and fun-filled activities. Cheviot Kids enthusiastically participated and won laurels for their brilliant performances.

Falentina 2021

A big round of applause to Vihani Shah of Brownies A for securing the first position in an online mega event. This was a national level competition organized by Twinkling Star Kids from Chennai in the month of April 21. Vihani fiercely competed with around 15-16 participants from different states of India, in the category of own talents.

Rhyme O Rhyme

Akshit Kumar Dash of Junior KG had participated in an Online Interschool Competition for Pre-primary children organized by Global Discovery School, Sevasi. With immense pride, we announce that Akshit Kumar Dash ranked first in the “Rhyme O Rhyme” competition for presenting a rhyme recitation with distinctive expressions on the theme of Jungle animals.

Splash International Art Competition

We are proud to announce that Ashmita Ukil studying in Grade-11C of Cygnus World School participated in the Splash International Art Competition, which was held online. She bagged the first position in the 13 to 18 category and her painting will also be featured as the cover page of Splash Magazine.

Virtual Mega Talent Hunt 2021

We are proud to announce that Param Gandhi studying in Grade-2 of Cygnus World School participated in the Virtual Mega Talent Hunt 2021 organized by Gujarat Public School. He secured 1st Position in the category Budding Picasso.

Imagivation - Innovators Suit

We are proud to announce that Preesha Bhanushali of Grade-3 of Cygnus World School participated in the Category: Innovators Suit. She ranked School Topper in this Category. Aaryan Kashiwala of Grade-4 also participated in the Category: Student Conferences & Group: Global Conferences. He also ranked the School Topper- Group I in this category.

Genius Cerebrum International Math Olympiad (GIMO) 2021.

Navya Sapra, Grade IV - A of Cygnus World School participated in the Genius Cerebrum International Math Olympiad (GIMO) 2021. She has been awarded a certificate for her performance.

Wishtree international painting comp.

Wishtree International Group had recently organized a painting competition for different age groups with varied themes. We are proud to announce that Ashmita Ukil of Grade 11C bagged the second position in this. She has been awarded with a cash prize of Rs.15000 and a free workshop of 12 days from 1st August 2021 to 12th August 2021.

Vatsalya Inter school storytelling

We are proud to announce that Panya Khosla from Grade-2 of Cygnus World School participated in the Vatsalya Inter school Storytelling Competition and secured 1st position for narrating a story on the topic - A Doctor: a smile giver.

Kahoot Quiz

A few students of Cygnus World School recently participated in the German Kinderuni Online Taster Course organized by Max Mueller Bhavan, Mumbai. On the concluding ceremony, they conducted a Kahoot Quiz where Subhasis Satapathy of Grade VI bagged the third position in this category. 

GAEA 2K21 (Eulogizing Mother Earth)

We are proud to announce that our students of Cygnus World School recently participated in the interschool competition organized by Vidya Bharti Chinmaya Vidyalaya, Jamshedpur where around 73 participant schools with 9-10 participants from each school took part from all across the globe. Heartiest congratulations to all the winners!

  • Jungle Charades - 1st Prize by Swastik Patel, Grade 1
  • Hang Gliders- 3rd Prize by  Ranvir Shah, Grade 3 
  • Bliss on Bark - 1st Prize by Aarushi Patel, Grade 6
International Junior Olympiad

Cheviot Kids & Cygnus World School Congratulates Vihani Shah!

Vihani Shah of Elves- B has been awarded a certificate for her meritorious performance in the International Junior Olympiad.

Ramzan Celebration

Cygnus World School always ensures that children get to gain understanding of India’s cultural heritage and various traditions. So, the festival of Ramzan was celebrated with great pomp and show for the students of Grade I to III, on Monday, 2nd May 2022.

There was fun and excitement in the air. Children performed skits, songs and dance focusing on the importance of Eid-ul-Fitr. It was a wonderful learning experience as well as a memorable event. 

Value Week

25th April 2022 to 30th April 2022 was celebrated as the Colour Week by the Secondary & Senior Secondary students. It was an event full of colour. There were professional presentations, t-shirt paintings, rock painting, debates, cultural performances, and felicitation of academic achievers. A week of fun, learning and celebration!

Earth Day

Cygnites celebrated Earth Day on 22nd April, 2022 in a unique way to spread awareness for making our Earth Greener and Cleaner.


Students were taught how to prepare natural compost and learned how to grow saplings and every student actually grew one sapling in a coconut planter.

Various activities were conducted across grades i.e a backyard scavenger hunt, making the best out of waste, & campaigning for collection of E-waste.


Students were sensitized to become responsible by conserving water and power, and minimizing food wastage. Students declared this day as the zero-food wastage day, where each child made it a point to finish the food served on his or her plate. A Rice Campaign was organized to create awareness towards eradication of hunger. They prepared posters depicting the eradication of Hunger and Malnutrition.


By performing daily chores with their hands and legs tied, students understood the importance of empathy towards the disabled. Sessions on Emotional Well-being, Mental Health & Gender equality were also a part of the session.


Some students visited a Miyawaki forest in their own city and some visited a Government school and played with the students there. It was a surreal & memorable experience, with a hope and efforts to make the Earth a better place to live in.

Stellar Summer School

An opportunity to learn and grow does not look like work. One more step by Cygnus World School to lead students in the right direction.

On 13th April, 2022, students  of 8th to 10th grades attended an inspiring session titled Profile Building, with Stellar Summer School. The experience allowed our children to understand how to become independent, skilled and confident. Inspiring Speaker, Mr. Satya delivered an insightful, interactive and captivating speech. Students were totally into it. He explained them relevant career options across multiple disciplines, briefed them about the top-notch universities in India and other parts of the world, and made them aware of the associated curriculum and requirements. His guidance gave enough light for the next step to be successful!

A JAM Session (Just A Minute) for Grade 6 to 10

Words have incredible power. The session aimed at helping students overcome their fear of facing an audience and improve their confidence levels. A minute was allotted to think about the topic and another minute to speak. It was a highly engaging and fruitful session. Students thoroughly enjoyed it.

Go Creative with Veggies, Fruits & Spices Competition

Cygnus World School always ensures that children get to learn by doing. Students of Grade III to V participated in ‘Go Creative with Veggies, Fruits & Spices’ competition on 16th April, 2022, and displayed innovative patterns, designs, etc. using local fruits, spices and vegetables. The event ignited their imagination and creative skills, gave them freedom to experiment, make mistakes, and have fun. Students worked in teams to achieve goals. The main objective was to inculcate healthy food habits and make students aware of the choice of food they need to make. The event was refreshing for everyone.

 Out and about

Travelling to new places doesn’t always require a map, but it needs enthusiasm, curiosity and action. Our teachers at Cheviot Kids travelled and explored, keeping in mind the safety and precautions. Our Nursery teachers took a tour at the construction site, Junior KG teachers travelled to a nursery and Senior KG teachers explored about the potter and the sculpture park. Entire information was clubbed into videos which our children enjoyed. Later, they did worksheets that helped them understand the gist of these places.


Save Soil

Cygnus World School is a proud partner of the “Save Soil” movement initiated by the Isha Foundation, Coimbatore under the aegis of spiritual leader and environmentalist, Jaggi Vasudev aka Sadhguru. As a part of this exercise, the students from Grades III to XII wrote letters to the honourable Prime Minister of the country, Mr. Narendra Modi sharing their woes, concerns and practical solutions to prevent soil degradation and save the soil. They also made posters to represent their perception of this grave problem and demand that the people act wisely. This was carried out in the school premises on 21st March 2022.

As an extension of this movement, the school also plans to take concrete and sustainable steps in its neighbourhood to increase the green cover and improve the quality of soil. A truly sustainable way of education and life!

Blossom's Day

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams. Commencing their schooling as 3-year-old toddlers, those tiny dreamers have now turned to aspirers of the future. Celebrating their successful graduation from pre-school, our children of Brownies Team, had prepared speeches and dances. They were even felicitated with various awards to boost their confidence. It’s always tough to say bye, but this is the ultimate art of life. We, the teachers got emotional bidding goodbyes to our children and wishing them success for their future endeavors.


Report Reading

The first step to personal growth is the ability to empower your strengths and improve your weaknesses. We, at Cheviot Kids, conducted a personal one to one interaction with each
parent to discuss various details of their child’s growth, development and performance. Parents freely discussed their observations and amendments needed, if any. Thus, this end of the
year meet, turned out to be fruitful for both the parents and teachers, parting by wishing of a successful new academic year.

Making A Calendar

“Making A Calendar”

A special experiential learning project called, 'Making Your Own Calendar' was completed professionally and beautifully by an enthusiastic group of 7th graders. 3 groups participated in this 2.5-month long project where they learnt to do relevant research, create a practical design, make a prompt prototype, be efficient and economic with the choice of materials, pricing, setting profit margins, marketing and actual product distribution. They met relevant resource persons to understand the project first hand.

It was a complete learning experience where the children even donated their profits to charity as well.

Dr. Seuss

“You’re off to great places, today is your day. Your mountain is waiting so get on your way.” Honoring Dr. Seuss couldn't have come at a better time. Dr. Seuss is celebrated nationwide to honor his timeless and uplifting work as a children’s author. Our tiny readers, at Cheviot Kids went on a jovial ride in the celebration and got snapshotted under the Dr. Seuss Hat frame. Their eyes were glued to the story they saw with their peers and later a fun aided worksheet activity was pulled through.

ONE-DAY TRIP for grades IX to XII

“You will never know until you go”

Out bound trips instill key skills and personality traits that can be helpful in all walks of life. They help develop teamwork, leadership and problem-solving skills. They also allow social interactions outside of the classroom. They promote positive communication and confidence. In turn they lead to holistic development of the individual.

A one-day trip was organized by Cygnus World School on 19/02/2022 and 21/02/2022 for grades IX and X, and XI and XII respectively to “Vatika Greens “a resort at Devgadh Baria, Dahod.

It was a day full of smiles, sharing wonderful times, gathering experiences and having fun. The fun started right with the bus ride. The students were treated to a scrumptious breakfast as they arrived at Vatika Green. What followed was a trek up to 630ft with a terrain straight out of some thriller movie. It provided interesting views, with challenges. After the trek, the student trekkers were treated to a delicious meal. They were then led on to their recreation in the form of free games, relaxing in the artificial water fall and surrounding lawns or enjoying indoor games and outdoor games as well as high rope activities. The day ended with high tea and the bus ride back home- rejuvenating them right till the last minute. It was a complete and full day in all senses.

The Spectrum of Religions

“Religion is the clearest telescope through which we can behold the beauties of creation” - William Scott Downey


Keeping this in mind, Cygnus World School had organized “The Spectrum of Religions” activity for the students of Grade 2 on 5th February 2022 online.


It aimed to sensitise the students about the different religions across the world, their practices and traditions. The students worked in the “BREAKOUT ROOMS” of their respective Microsoft Teams. They planned their tasks, conducted research, filled up a questionnaire and then shared their presentation. They learnt how to work as a team and present the result of their research and analysis in a clear and confident manner.

The activity was enjoyed by all the students.


Story telling is a unique human attribute. It is an imaginative process where the narrator effectively engages the audience and passes on the entire experience to them.

 The students of grade 5 enthusiastically participated in a similar “WEAVE A STORY COMPETITION”. They presented their message through constructive story telling. They worked in pairs, based on the situation and genre given to them.  They used various props, headgears and painted their faces to depict the chosen characters. 

They enjoyed this kind of learning through a performance!

Sentence and Story building

A ‘Sentence and Story building’ activity was organised by Cygnus World School for the students of Grade 1 on 5th February. The students did a great job in this group activity. All the students participated enthusiastically. They expressed their ideas as they built a story based on the given sentence. They learnt to use their vocabulary effectively. It was an entertaining way of learning for all the students.

Interpreting a Picture

Pictures speak a lot more than words!

We, at Cygnus World School, encourage the young learners to apply their acquired knowledge through a variety of activities. For the students of grade III, we organized one such activity, INTERPRETING A PICTURE. They chose a picture from newspapers and magazines. They then wrote down their thoughts and ideas about the picture using relevant vocabulary and references. This enjoyable activity garnered the appreciation from the parents and students alike.  


At Cygnus World School, the innate talents of the students are nurtured and their individual differences are recognised. To encourage and motivate the students of grade IV, we organized a virtual competition, “I am Proud to be an Indian” on 5th February 2022.

The students dressed up in different costumes and shared interesting facts about our country. They spoke about emotions, brotherhood, culture and festivals of India to express and explain their pride. The active and enthusiastic participation of the students drew applaud and appreciation.

 It was a complete learning experience for the students.

Tessellation Competition

Cygnus World School conducted an interesting art competition where the students of grade VIII and IX presented works of Tessellation. The students participated in this virtual competition through their respective General channels on Microsoft Teams on 5th February 2022. They came up with their own versions of geometric or free hand repetitive art works. Some of them had a sheet full of art and others used repetitive art to reinvent known shapes and objects. It was a wonderful display of free flowing creativity in a healthy competitive environment. 

Idioms Poster-Making Competition

The students of grade VI of Cygnus World School participated in a Poster-Making Competition with a difference! The students had to make posters to interpret one of the Hindi idioms that were provided to them. They used the medium of a poster to express their understanding of the play of words and emotions hidden in idioms in a simplified and easy manner. They joined this virtual activity through their respective General channels on 5th February 2022.  Armed with their art kits and papers, the students were ready to represent the idioms through the posters. They applied their knowledge using situations or icons. The students enjoyed the challenge of integrating art and language to present their own creative interpretation. It was indeed a different approach to learning!

Doodle Activity

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life….” -Pablo Picasso

An interesting Doodle Activity was organized for the students of Grade-7 on 05.02.2022. Doodles are simple drawings made while a person’s attention is otherwise occupied. Doodles can have concrete representational meaning or may be composed of random and abstract lines. The students chose from various topics and presented their creativity as a doodle. Blank sheets were seen being filled with innovative doodles based on flowers, transportation, abstract creations, etc. It was a fun way of expressing themselves and experimenting with drawing.

Virtual Celebration of Basant Panchami

At Cygnus World School, we nurture the innate talents of the students. We organized a ‘Virtual Celebration of Basant Panchami’ for the students of Grades I to V for one such opportunity during the online session on 4th February 2022.

The celebration aimed to pass on the importance of the festival and treasure the rich culture of our country. The students put up a beautiful dance and song to welcome the spring season. They learnt about Goddess Saraswati and Basant Panchami, including the importance of the rituals that are followed.


All the students looked resplendent in yellow as they enjoyed this ideal experience of learning through performances.

Poster making competition

Poster making is a process of empowering words, using them as symbols which functionally transcend into visual aesthetics. The students of Grade 4 of CWS participated in the “Poster Making” competition on 29th January 2022. It intended to promote the importance of conservation of nature and self-care through illustrations and slogans. ‘Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy’, ‘Global Warming’ and ‘Go Green’ were the topics given for awareness. The students applied their critical thinking skills, scientific approach, spatial skills, brevity and efficacy of language and visual appeal to create their final creations. The students learnt the art of combining images with specific vocabulary to communicate a plethora of thoughts and views in a lucid and appropriate manner. The young minds will work towards a lifelong understanding of the world around us and remain sensitised about the burning issues. This fun event successfully encouraged socio-psychological development and productive learning.

Descriptive Diagram

Cygnus World School had organized a ‘Descriptive Diagram’ competition for the students of Grade III, virtually on 29th January (Saturday) from 10:50 am to 12:15 pm on Microsoft Teams.

It was an individual activity where the students presented their understanding of the concept. They learnt to represent the information using their creativity and artistic skills through a diagram. The topics were Parts of a Leaf, Water Cycle, Life cycle of Frog, Parts of an Insect. The active participation of the students made it an ideal display of imagination and creativity!

Story Telling Competition

Psychologist Peg Neuhauser found that learning which stems from a well-told story is remembered more accurately, and for far longer than learning derived from facts and figures. With this in mind, Cygnus World School had organized a virtual “Story Telling Competition” for Grade I and II on 29th January 2022 from 10:50 to 12:15 am in the General Channel of each grade.

The teachers had announced the rules for the “Story Telling Competition” in the virtual class before the presentation. The activity was conducted in pairs. The students represented characters of the story. Some used props and backgrounds whereas others dressed up according to their characters. Each pair presented the story in an innovative way which reflected the efforts of the parents and children.

Republic Day Celebrations

The Cygnus family joined for the virtual celebration of the 73rd Republic Day of our country through their respective General channels on Microsoft Teams on the winter morning of 26th January 2022. Dressed in the colours of the tricolor and sporting vibrant backgrounds to express their love for the country, every member radiated a different kind of glow. With an inspiring message from an ex-defence personnel, patriotic songs, folk dances, a dramatic presentation of powerful words from a national figure and speeches to exalt the nation, the programme was perfect in every way. Every Cygnite salutes the sacrifices made by freedom fighters for this nation and the efforts of those who drew up our Constitution.

Taking the Covid protocol into consideration, the Flag was hoisted at the School by the Principal, Ms. Kanchan Joshi amidst the Heads and the Admin team.

How to help your child handle criticism and disappointment

Every home is a school and parents are the teachers who educate their children to shape their future. One such acknowledging workshop on “How to help your child handle criticism and disappointment” was conducted online by our erudite teachers of Senior K.g - Ms. Devyani Chatterjee and Ms. Catherine McCluskie. An hour-long session encapsulated pointers like constructive and destructive criticism, avoiding exploding conversations and how to minimize encounters with harmful people. It explained insightful ideas, interactive real-life problem-solving questions with an emotional bliss in the end which left the parents in tears.

Intellectual Property Awareness Session


A session on Intellectual Property Awareness was conducted on Webex by Ms. Jaspreet Kaur from the Office of the Controller General of Patents, Designs and Trademarks on 12th January 2022 from 4pm to 5.30pm for the students of grade IX to XII of Cygnus World School.

It was an informative session, which broke down the concepts of Intellectual Property into simpler palatable parts. The speaker did justice to the topic through the presentation and videos. The students grasped every concept and aced the quiz that followed at the end. The resource person was able to clarify all the doubts as well through the interaction.

It was an enriching session which will motivate the creators and innovators among the Cygnites and make them aware of the importance of protecting their intellectual property legally.

Gratitude Day

Gratitude is the fairest blossom that springs from the soul to shower kindness and love for each one around us. 18th February 2022 was celebrated as the Gratitude day where our young champs enjoyed gratitude stories, shook legs to some of our melodious gratitude songs and played games along with galvanic takeaways including magical stone, thank you card and a big gratitude jar. The day ingrained our children to value kindness on a daily basis maintaining a calendar of kindness too. Gratitude isn’t just for a day, but it’s a life-long blessing to cherish for.

 Festivals around the world

Festivals are an epitome of culture blended with love and traditions. Children visited 4 different countries one being the Nagasaki Lantern festival, where children made dazzling DIY lanterns. Followed by Thanks-giving festival, in which the children decorated a huge tree using their own creativity, finger-printing of turkey and a treasure hunt on paper. They beautified the kites with paper tearing and pasting, glitter painting and with cutouts in the International Kite Festival of Bali. To keep the excitement intact, children visited Rio Carnival of Brazil by decorating the flag and a girl with bright feathers. Festivals with authenticity and incredible heritage were elucidated by showing videos to kids.


Christmas Celebration

Cygnus World School celebrates every festival and the students learn the joy of giving and loving. CHRISTMAS was celebrated virtually on 24th December, 2021 for the Primary school with a lot of enthusiasm and gusto. There were carols, a story about Lord Jesus, an interesting skit and wishes galore. The participants wished for abundance, blessings, love and MIRACLES for everyone!

Diwali & Halloween Celebration

Where one part of the world celebrates Diwali, almost around the same time another part of the world celebrates Halloween and we at Cheviot Kids celebrated both the Indian and the Western culture. This year we at Cheviot kids wanted to give a musical touch to the visualization and representation of epic saga of Ramayana in a highly stylized dance artform. The children came dressed in various outfits to mark the welcoming of good spirits and driving away of the bad spirits in their lives. After that, dressed in their spooky best, children celebrated Halloween by watching videos and relishing spooky spiders handmade with Oreo biscuits.


Beyond All Limits

Giving a profound experience to the children to go beyond their comfort zone, has always been our motto. Our children had risen to the occasion by shining with exuberance in all the events of “Beyond All Limits” like Shloka Recitation, No pain no gain, Nanhe Kalakar, Science Nerd, Ad Mad Show or Out of thin air. Children of Cheviot Kids performed confidently using amazing props and setup made by their parents.

Christmas Celebration

Christmas is the time when we twirl to the melodious carols, enchant in the aroma of cinnamon cookies and feel the warmth of the bonfires. Celebrating the triumph of love, peace and joy, we rejoiced at the Birth of Jesus Christ by enacting a live story in front of our children. Our tiny tots also made a thank you card for Santa Claus, both online and offline. In return, Santa gave them tons of gifts to fill in the ecstasy and merriment all through the day.


Street Play

Selected students of Grade VI to IX have been working on the Sustainable Development Goals
set by United Nations. They have chosen to focus on goal no. 3 (Good Health and Well Being),
specifically on creating awareness is Menstrual Hygiene. Our students took an initiative to
discuss this sensitive topic which is seldom discussed openly.

On Sunday, 19th December 2021, a set of students from Grade VI to IX went to Waghodia
Village, Vadodara under the guidance of the NGO, Happy Faces. They performed a street play
(Nukkad Natak) to create awareness and shared tips about menstrual hygiene as well. They
distributed blankets to the students too.

1-16th December 2021 10 YEAR CELEBRATION

10 Years Celebration: It is often said that “A century is about events, but a decade is about people”. Commemorating a decade clustered with achievements, Cygnus World School held a 10-day long celebration with copious activities for our kids like mosaic art, magic show, fruit plate decoration etc. Not only children, but our parents geared up their engines with several competitions like mono-acting, Rangoli art, culinary décor, soccer, badminton and much more. The celebrations dignified the institute of knowledge galore.

Fun With Colours

Colours are the realm of magic in nature. Endearing to the spectrum of bright colours, our overjoyed children took the edge off, by showing their artistic skills into a spiral painting activity and displayed a series of images representing the moments of the story they saw. The ultimate unison of creativity was portrayed when they painted their canvasses with their tiny fingers and it turned out to be a masterpiece.

International Collaboration on Environment Conservation

‘Competition makes us faster, Collaboration makes us Better’.

The international collaboration session organized between the 2 schools saw students interacting about effective measures and practices for an environment friendly planet in the form of recycling, using solar panels at school, garbage picking etc. Cygnites of Grade 7 shared their padlet presentations, e-posters to put forth their viewpoints. A highly informative and enriching session for everyone.

Cheviot Olympics

Games and sports has always been an integral element of present-day education. They teach children the qualities of discipline, sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership along with physical and mental development. A much-awaited event of the year was the Cheviot Olympics, where children wore their sports shoes, all ready to run on the tracks and give their best shot. The Cheviot Olympic games brought a sense of togetherness, inspiration and motivation. 

Diwali Celebration 2021-22

“Diwali is a festival of sweet memories, a house full of candles and diyas and a mouth full of sweets”


Cygnus World School had organized a virtual Diwali celebration for Grade 1 to 3 on 30th October 2021 in the combined channel of each grade from 8:00 am to 8:40 am.

The students were dressed in festive traditional Indian attire. The session started with a prayer followed by a live skit, dance and songs by the students of Grade 1 to 3. The teachers too put up a skit to depict the importance of the festival. The students thoroughly enjoyed the program- a real source of joy and inspiration for the children.

The Pinnacle

With a sense of pride and a feeling of pleasure, Cygnus World School organized the inter-school extravaganza ‘The Pinnacle 2021’.

It was a coalescence of creative ideas for developing a slew of competitions for students in grades I - XII, to encourage creativity, expression, composition, time management, and other skills.

The Pinnacle, has been known for the high standards of competition it provides to participants. To maintain the level of competition, and ensure fairness in judgment, it invites the most skilled and experienced people to judge the events.

Children’s Day Celebrations

Every child is a different kind of a flower and together they make this world a beautiful garden.

Cygnus World School celebrated Children’s Day with much fanfare. Dressed in colourful clothes, the children entered the school; their excitement palpable right with their first step into the school premises! The teachers from the primary and secondary section put up a great show with skits and a medley of popular songs. The highlight was the ‘kavi sammelan’ and a dance number. The children were pleasantly surprised to see the new avatar of their teachers. Childhood is about innocence and playfulness; it is about joy and freedom. The smiling happy faces said it all... While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is about! Happy Children’s Day to the child in you!


Cygnus believes in the power of regular storytelling sessions and the transformation they can bring about. The word power and the imagination of the students took a fanciful flight through the Round-Robin storytelling session on 20th November 2021.

They wove interesting and captivating stories mingled with emotions and morals. The activity gave the children a platform to enhance their speaking skills and develop an original thinking ability.


The bountiful imagination of the students made them come up with ingenious stories. Some of the students took the role of a storyteller right to a tee. It was extremely fascinating to listen to their stories about various cultures, perseverance, dreams and many other diverse topics.

Azadi Ka Amrit Mahatosav

A quiz stimulates healthy brain development. Using it as a tool can make learning fun and better. On 20th November 2021, Cygnus World School celebrated “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahatosav – Quiz on Freedom Fighters” for the students of grade 1 to 5. The students learnt about the fight for freedom as well as the sacrifices made by the fighters for the nation. The students attempted the online quiz using Microsoft Forms.

This event proved to be an engaging one as there was complete participation of the students even after their online classes. It was the ideal fun learning opportunity for the students to learn with fun and healthy competition through the Quiz. 

Navratri Celebration

Navratri is one of India's most popular festivals. It denotes nine nights of reverence towards Goddess Durga and her nine avatars. This festival is celebrated with much pomp and show every year at Cygnus. 

This year it was a little different as Teachers and students tuned in for the Live Navratri celebration. Everyone performed Garba wearing beautiful costumes. 

Students’ high energy made everyone super excited and their request to extend the program was a cherry on the cake.

‘The Dreams’ presented by Grade VIII of Cygnus World School.

You need three things in the theatre - the play, the actors and the audience, and each must give something exceptional to make it memorable.

All the three came beautifully entwined today in form of the play, ‘The Dreams’ presented by Grade VIII of Cygnus World School. The children presented a stellar performance, the first of its kind, after the resumption of physical school. Their enthusiasm was palpable in the flawless delivery of dialogues. The children depicted a beautiful perspective where they were given the liberty to choose their own careers without any pressure from the parents. The dance and mime renditions along with the choral recitation were exemplary. The subject struck a chord with the audience, leaving them teary eyed and full of emotions. The hard work put in by both the teachers and the students resulted in a magnificent performance. It just reiterates that great performance is never luck, it takes a lot of focus, heart and hard work. Kudos to the entire team!

Let’s Connect

November 15th to 18th 2021- Let's Connect

Taking small steps into the campus, the little eyes surveyed the place quietly. In a quick flash, they were running around waving their arms as if they waited to attend the school since years. The school was treated to their presence, chatter, energy and laughter. Let’s connect session ensured that their head, hand and heart were equally involved. The day was full of fun-filled activities, outdoors, stories, music & dance. Parents accompanied their children and we ensured that they also got the feel of the school, played some interesting games and felt connected with teachers as well.

1. Gandhi Jayanti - Celebration (Grade I to V)

Cygnus World School conducted a virtual Gandhi Jayanti celebration to commemorate the life and teachings of Mahatma Gandhi. The students of Grade I to V participated in various activities to mark the occasion. They got an opportunity to understand his life, ideology and concepts of honesty, truth, non-violence and love for humanity. The prefects of grade V sanctified the celebration by sharing his quotes and messages through their speeches. The students of the school paid special tribute to the Father of the Nation by singing songs about truth and non-violence. The ready participation of the students and the positive impact of the event made it a worthy celebration.

Mind Map Making Competition

‘MIND MAP’ is the ideal exercise of the mind that requires presence of mind and imagination. Cygnus World School organised a ‘Mind Map Making Competition’ for the students of grade 4 and 5 on 30th October, 2021.

It was a great learning experience for all the students. Through the exercise, the students learnt to present the content in a nutshell, using appropriate designs. They could make visual connections between facts and ideas using the information and keywords.

Fastest Reader Kaun Banega

A competition named ‘Fastest Reader Kaun Banega’ was organised virtually by Cygnus World School for the students of Grades I to III on 30th October’ 21 (Saturday).

The event was conducted during the last two online sessions. Each participant was given a minute’s time to read out the passage / story shared by the teacher on the screen. On the basis of their reading performance, the students were given different colour cards like yellow for ‘Beginners’, green for ‘Approaching’, blue for ‘Proficient’ and red for ‘Master’. Every child participated quite actively and enthusiastically

Report Reading

The three pillars of a child’s life are – Teachers, Parents and School. The union of the teacher's feedback and parent's concern can immensely help a child's educational journey. Report reading is a platform where teachers and parents interact freely about their child’s half yearly growth, development and concerns. Hand in hand such platforms help in the child’s holistic development.

Out and about

To discover new interests, expand knowledge and ignite passion for practical learning Cheviot Kids ensured an engrossing virtual visit to

various places like the Brainy Brownies visited the Plant Nursery learning about indoor and outdoor plants, trees, climbers and many more. Our Effervescent Elves, enjoyed virtually travelling to the Post office and learning about the importance of the post box and other services provided by the post office. The Playful Pixies travelled to their favourite place – the Zoo, where they learnt about various animals, how they live there and who takes care of them.


Navratri Celebration

Navratri is related to Maa Durga and thus, it obliquely gets connected to all the women of the world. Children were made aware about the 9 famous Indian women personalities who have made their mark on the world through their work. The celebration was to acknowledge and admire their dedication and success, which they viewed in the form of a short video. And lastly, the celebration could not have ended without bowing down to Maa Durga, and thus, children showed their jaunty moves while dancing on the tunes of the garba song.

Mathmania (Grade I to V)

At Cygnus World School, the innate talents of the students are optimally nurtured. As another step towards it, a ‘Math Mania’ activity was organised for the students of Grades I to X on 5th October 2021 during the online session.

The students were stimulated to apply their critical thinking skills even while working within a given time frame. It was an individual activity where the students dealt with questions based on logical reasoning, critical thinking, analytical questions through Microsoft forms and worksheets. The respective Math teachers conducted the final round during their online sessions. The teachers maintained a record of the students’ responses and scores for a fair and methodical evaluation.

 The students participated actively and thoroughly enjoyed this activity.


Gandhi Jayanti

To help children understand about the work and life of Mahatma Gandhi, we celebrated Gandhi Jayanti. Some children entered the screen dressing up as Mahatma Gandhi while some chose to stick with the white clothes. They heard the favourite bhajan of Mahatma Gandhi “Vaishnav jana toh...” and saw Gandhiji’s life journey in the form of a story video. Picking up the small anecdotes related to Gandhiji’s life, children also created art and craft things. Thus, in the end children learnt to keep the spirit of truth and non-violence in their heart and mind alive.

Speak-up Kids (Community Helpers)

 In this Speak-up Kids, children took an oath to be grateful to the people who help us and they are the Community Helpers. By slipping into the character, through their attire, usage of tools and the job profile, children dispensed about different community helpers instilling  a feeling of satisfaction by showing gratitude towards the people around them.

Ganesh Chaturthi

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated with full merriment. A video was shown to the children that included everything from welcoming Lord Ganesha to the Ganesha visarjan. The teachers demonstrated pooja and other rituals in the video. The eco-friendly Ganesha which was crafted and beautifully decorated for the occasion was then carried aloft in a procession through the corridors of the school, accompanied by the teachers. Drum beats and lazims clanged vigorously to the shouts of “Ganpati Bappa Morya” as the young colourfully clad devotees matched the step and song.

Cooking Session (Cheese Rings)

Say Cheese! Cheese brings a smile on our face. Similar was the expression on the face of the children of Cheviot Kids. This time when the children were preparing the cheese rings for the cooking session it showed that, cooking is not just about ingredients, recipes and cooking, it’s about harnessing, imagination, empowerment and creativity. Children couldn’t resist themselves from relishing the yummy cheese rings while they were preparing. Overall, it just showed that once you have mastered a technique, you barely have to look at the recipe.

Teachers’ Day

When a child first enters in this world, he or she is a clean slate. Everything he knows comes from the environment, society and most importantly their teachers. They instill in us the value of life and guide us down the appropriate path to ensure that we are capable of surviving in this society. To emphasize the value of teachers, a video about teachers' day was shown to the children. Interesting activities were planned for the children.

 Janmashtami
  • Cheviot Kids enjoyed virtual Janmashtami event. Children got dressed up like Kanha ji and our illustrious teachers enacted the birth story of Lord Krishna. They were also made aware about Lord Krishna's favourite possessions like the peacock feather, the flute, and the yellow colour dhoti, along with their significance. The children relished the coconut laddoos they made.
Collaborative activities

Collaborative Activities were organized for our students with this thought in mind. It was an extravaganza of creativity, artistic and cultural talents. All the students of Grade I to III came up with mind-blowing performances. There were varied activities like Create A Mini Garden, Flip Class Activity and ‘Lapbook’ Activity organised to enhance the overall personality of the students.


Rakshabandhan was celebrated enthusiastically with our Cheviot children on the 20th of August, 2021. The celebration began with a video that made the children aware that we also have to love and respect all the support members of the society, with a special mention of loving and protecting Earth. Our kids tied the Rakhi to a plant and took an oath to protect and grow more plants. This way " Vriksha Bandhan" was celebrated auspiciously and children had a blast dancing at the end of the session.

Independence Day

The entire school saluted the freedom fighters and honoured the sacrifices of the martyrs. Through her address, the Principal encouraged the young minds to make each year count, be proud of one's country, value freedom, obey rules and avoid mistakes of the past to build humanity. The tricolour was the flavour of the day in the costumes and in all hearts. the celebrations ended with all the students singing the Indian National Anthem together with sincere enthusiasm and patriotic fervour.

Nanhe Sitare

An Inter-school competition was organized by Anand Prep Academy for the little champs. Cheviot Kids enthusiastically participated and won laurels and applause for their brilliant performances. Congratulations to all the winners and their proud parents.

Fun with Colours

An art activity was organised by Cygnus World School for the students of Grades I to V on Saturday, The children showed their creativity through individual creations on topics like ‘A Flower Pot’, ‘My Friend’s Face’, ‘A Landscape’, ‘A Caterpillar’. The topics had been shared grade-wise, ahead of time to allow the children to prepare well. 


Poems Come Alive

The grade 6 to 8 students conveyed the meanings of the recited poems in an emphatic manner as they participated in the ‘Poems Come Alive'. Each child recited a poem in Hindi or English with passion and brilliance. The children celebrated the beauty of expression, thoughts, feelings, rhyme, rhythm, and the music of words with every recitation.

The Investiture Ceremony

In an unique virtual ceremony, capable and deserving young Cygnites were formally inducted as the members of the new council. Each one of them radiated commitment, confidence and competence. In the beautiful ceremony that ensued, the present torchbearers passed on their torches to their new counterparts. The proud parents, all the heads, teachers, staff and students of Cygnus World School were witness to this ceremony.

August Adolescence

Dr Manan Parikh, a well-known neonatologist and paediatrician initiated the session by talking about the different phases of life. He then moved on to talking about adolescence. He discussed the major physical and non-physical changes that happen. In the end, he answered every question raised by the students and ensured that all their doubts were clarified.


Janmashtami, the auspicious Hindu festival was celebrated at Cheviot Kids with great fervour and excitement. Children were engrossed and watched the video of the birth of Lord Krishna which was enacted by the teachers. The icing on the cake was making coconut ladoos. Children had dressed up as Radha and Krishna and participated with vigour in all the activities.

Hangout Sessions

If you always do what you always did, you will always get what you always got.” - Albert Einstein

In order to inculcate the habit of thinking differently amongst the students, Cygnus World School organised ‘Hangout Sessions’ for the students of Grade I to V on 19th July. 
The students used various technological tools to express themselves creatively. They were motivated to think out of the box. They enjoyed the activities and pushed their imagination and creativity to the limits.

Innovation week

A very interesting and engaging week was conducted by Cygnus World School for the students of Grade I to V. Individual, paired, and group activities and events were planned for the students for the entire week. The students participated whole-heartedly in activities like hilarious dance forms, making immunity booster drinks using mathematical terminologies, creating their own Mentimeter and so on.

Innovation Week (Grade 6-12)

Cygnus World School organized an ‘Innovation Week’ with a gamut of innovative activities for our young minds of the 21st century. The students of grades 6-12 showed overwhelming participation and enthusiasm with toys made from trash, writing a Jabberwocky, creating a six-word memoir, learning about the history of buoyancy, the Pythagoras theorem and more. The students took great pride and pleasure in sharing their projects individually or as a group.


Cygnus World School in collaboration with the Lakshya Trust initiated “D.N.A.- Definitions Not Applicable”- a project for awareness about the LGBTQ+ community. In its orientation, Mr Sylvester Merchant sensitised the students about gender identity, gender-defined roles and discrimination. Later on, a few of our students including Anushka Jha and Samridhi Tandon of Grade 10 and Dhriti Kundu of Grade 12 visited the Lakshya Trust: A Shelter for Transgenders.


The grand finale session of the INTACH Quiz for Grades VI-VII was a live event conducted by the Quiz Mistresses Ms Debarati Ukil and Ms Sanchita Kundu. The participants of the winning house: Pegasus, won by a slim margin of 6 points. It was a close win and the runners-up position was bagged by Aquila House.

July Adolescence

A session on puberty and adolescence was taken up for the girls of Grades 5 to 8 by Gynaecologist, Dr Chaitali Patel. Dr Chaitali explained the not-so-openly talked about topics in a very lucid way. Students were seen asking questions, clarifying their doubts and it was taken in a positive stride by the doctor and helped resolve their queries.

Animal Kingdom Week

Children were acquainted with cool and unusual animals through various unique activities on each day activated children's creativity, thinking skills and imagination too. As a whole, the entire week captivated children's attention and aroused curiosity in them to learn something new.

Guru Purnima Celebration

Cygnus World School had organised a virtual ‘Guru Purnima Celebration’ for the students of grades 1 to 5. The students donned beautiful costumes to play their parts perfectly in the dance, music, skit, and live speeches. A pre-recorded skit by the fourth graders was played for all the grades. The skit depicted the importance of Guru Purnima and the importance of a Guru in one’s life.

The Book week

The Book week was organised and celebrated by Cygnus World School for the students of Grade I to IV. This literary fiesta was weaved into the online English sessions. Interesting activities like designing a cover page, draw illustrations, creative worksheet solving and planning advertisements to sell a book were a part of this thoroughly enjoyable event.

Cook Me Up

An event named ‘Cook me up’ was organized by Cygnus World School for the students of Grades IV. The event was conducted live during the online sessions. All the students had dressed up as chefs to prepare the Chef’s Special of the day which was 'Vegetable Cheese Bombay Sandwich'. As the cheese sandwich was ready, students had their yummy sandwich during the online class with their classmates.

90 Seconds to fame

Cygnus World School takes pride in providing immense opportunities for its students to foster growth and development. This year participants of grades I to III came up with mind-blowing performances. There were different forms of dance, songs in different languages, mime and plays bringing out different themes.

Olympics week

With their unending efforts and true sportsman spirit, our children at Cheviot Kids hopped, skipped and jumped to welcome an extravagant week of the Olympics
We commenced with the introduction of the history of the Olympics. The next set of activities included making DIY table tennis rackets and relishing cookies that depicted Olympic Rings. Overall, the Olympic week was a power-packed one for all.

Inter-house Debate Competition

The inter-house debate competition for classes IX to XII was held on 3rd July 2021. Due to the pandemic, the event was hosted on a virtual platform. The participants armed with statistics and dates made their arguments more emphatic with their righteous facial expressions and voice modulation.

Music and Movement

The session of music and movement was organized at Cheviot Kids on 27th and 29th July 2021. It was a session with a good balance between information and fun. The children were given information regarding some prominent music and the different types of folk dances across India. Children also engrossed themselves in making musical instruments. Paper dance was the highlight of the session as children enjoyed balancing themselves on paper and dancing.

Yoga Day

On the first day of school after the restful summer break, the Cygnites started the day with an energy boost of yoga. All the students through various grades did ‘asanas’ and ‘pranayama’ to have an invigorating start. It was an uplifting experience that added buoyancy to their day.