The Perfect Nest
Green School

The Perfect Nest

A Campus with a Difference
Our children are going to spend 15 years of their life within this environment. The Cygnus campus has been designed such that the students can uninhibitedly learn, explore, discover, spread their wings and learn to soar.
Spread across 7.3 acres, the school's green campus is modeled like an
educational village, where-in each of the three schools - pre-primary, primary and secondary are individual self-contained units with their individual academic blocks and their own designated play and sports area.
A few highlights of the campus:
All classrooms enjoy the benefit of north light, & cross ventilation, are well lit and sport high ceilings
Hi-tech art school with art gallery and five well-equipped studios - art, digital art, fashion design, ceramic and sculpture
8 exploratory labs in the academic block
Individual libraries and resource centres for the primary and secondary sections
A central green space with an amphitheatre where the children can spill over during breaks and activity time
Separate playgrounds for pre-primary, primary and secondary schools
Play areas and the central green space are within the envelope of the educational buildings to keep them free from vehicular traffic, noise and pollution
A green strip of trees along the periphery shields the campus from the hustle and bustle of the main road
The distance between the academic block and the external boundary of the campus has been purposely kept more to ensure peace and quiet.
Certified Earthquake Zone-3 Resistant buildings
Two doors in each classroom and two sets of stairs in each building to ensure speedy evacuation in case of an emergency
Efficiently organised traffic circulation within the school with meticulous attention to children's safety.
Sprawling indoor sports arena of 10,000 sq. ft.