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School Discipline - Cygnus World School

In a school as in any other social setup, a certain degree of discipline and a code of conduct is essential to prevent chaos. But it is the maturely controlled and effective lowering of the fences, at the appropriate time that can make all the difference and empower our future citizens with the ability to maturely handle their freedom and make the right choices.
At Cygnus we give our children a holistic picture of the results of their own and of others' actions. Our efforts are guided more towards making them understand the need for discipline and order in an inter-dependent society. As a result, they gradually learn to adopt growth drivers and eliminate the things that can disable progress both in and around them.
Children are also imparted the understanding that there is a flipside to every coin and that the freedom of choice is no different. For every choice they make, they need to have the maturity to responsibly own up and accept the outcomes - even when they are negative.
Discipline is, thus, more self-driven than administration imposed. It is an agent of positive change and harnessing of peak potential for each child.