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Jan Priya Trust
Cygnus World School is promoted and funded by Jan Priya Trust, a registered charitable trust. It is uncontested that development of human competence through education is the ideal driving force to enhance quality of life and propel societal progress. The Jan Priya Trust, was instituted by Mr. Harsh Vardhan Kanoria, on this very premise and maintains a sharp focus on education. It also undertakes initiatives to provide relief to the underprivileged, and activities to provide medical facilities to promote societal good. The trust is supported by companies of Group Cheviot .
Group Cheviot
Group Cheviot is a century old Delhi-based business major renowned for its reliability and high standards in products, services and business ethics. It operates primarily in the tea, leather and jute industries with three different companies, under its banner, handling each division.
Company Limited
Incorporated in 1897, Cheviot Company Limited is the flagship company of the Group and owns the Cheviot Jute Mills. An ISO 9001 company, it mainly produces products like sacking, hessian and industrial jute yarn and fabrics, with the bulk of its exports to countries such as Belgium, Italy, Germany, Australia, Turkey, Lebanon and Malaysia.
International Limited
A 100 % export oriented unit, Cheviot International Limited primarily supplies leather garments to leading brands in Europe. With its products accepted worldwide among well-established designers, the company was awarded the certificate of merit by the Council for Leather Exports for the highest unit value realization.
Agro Industry Limited
Incorporated in 1863, Cheviot Agro Industry Limited handles the Group's operations in the Tea industry. It owns the Binnakandy tea estate in Dist. Cachar, Assam and markets its 1.14 Million Kg per annum produce under the brand name 'Golden Horse'.