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Name & Logo - Cygnus World School

Cygnus, the swan-shaped modern, northern constellation, aptly personifies our school's core aim of nurturing each and every child to be a star.
Just the way the stars come together to form a soaring bird in the Cygnus constellation, the school focuses on instilling a collaborative spirit and teaches its wards to scale greater heights through teamwork. Just like the swan is a carrier of Saraswati - The Goddess of Learning, our school is the vehicle of education, intelligence, the arts, music and skills.
The school provides a firm grounding in Indian wisdom along with a strong understanding of the global paradigm; the swan with its strong deep rooted significance in Indian as well as western culture is an apposite symbol of this progressive integration.
The swan-like grace, elegance and the aesthetic erudition that we seek to inculcate in our children have been well encapsulated in the Cygnus symbol. The 'white' form epitomizes the purity of the swan and serves as a visual metaphor for virtues such as honesty, integrity, humility and self pride that we aspire to infuse into our students.
The blue and green flower symbolizes our school's zest to inspire children to love and live in harmony with nature. The blue signifies the open skies and the green, the grounds below, and together they enunciate the school's approach to prepare its wards to soar high, while ensuring that they always have their feet on the ground.
Above all, the symbol represents the multi-faceted, cohesive development of each child and the flowering of their budding potential under the aegis of Cygnus.