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Mission - Cygnus World School

At Cygnus World School, it is our mission to:
Offer an academic programme which ignites curiosity, fires the ability to reason and question in our children and helps develop in them skills and attitudes that they will retain throughout their lives.
Ensure that the curriculum is progressive, innovative, constantly updated and integrates the best from current international teaching practices and our entire programme will comprise of well-researched activities that efficiently address multiple intelligences in
each child.
Establish a continuous, comprehensive and constructive assessment system that helps nurture the child's true potential.
Sensitise students to the rich culture and heritage of India and also ensure that they develop an international perspective.
Focus on preparing senior school students for further academic study, either in India
or abroad.
Concentrate on the development of well-rounded personalities through:
A detailed and an in depth co-curricular programme. An appreciation of art, music and culture lends peace, balance and sensitivity to one's mind.
A well-planned sports programme that along with the passion for physical fitness, also instills virtues of discipline, hard work, dedication and team spirit.
The creation of an environment where values such as honesty, integrity, humility and self pride will be recognized as virtues that help one rise above the pack and gain enriching experiences and excellence in their chosen careers.
The creation of a green campus where students
live, learn and practice being environmentally responsible citizens.