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Letter From the Founder - Cygnus World School

Welcome Letter
Now how do you define such a school? Is it a place where students will be exceedingly happy or a place that they will be prepared to leave after grade 12?
We believe that an excellent school will ensure that both will be true. The students will be exceedingly happy because they will be constantly intrigued and challenged by a progressive academic curriculum. Within a secure and supportive environment, they will be given a chance to discover all that is in them. They will make friends, forge relationships and imbibe values that will enable them to be good human beings. They will be cared for and secure in the knowledge that above all a school exists for its students.
But come grade 12 and they will be prepared to leave because they will be ready. Ready to step out into the world. All set to accept the mantle of future torchbearers. As the spotlight shifts to India and talented, ambitious, young Indians take global centre stage, our students will not only be part of this revolution but will be well-poised to lead it.
We have aspirations that Cygnus World School will set new benchmarks in Vadodara, and in India. But we understand that ultimately, it is the teachers who will translate our vision into reality. We will go the extra step to ensure that we give our teachers respect, professional satisfaction and a conducive environment where they too can continue to grow and learn.
We thank you for your interest and invite you to come, see our school and talk to the core team about our vision for the school.
Warm regards,
Cygnus World School
Madhavi Agrawal
Cygnus World School