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Growing up with the pressures of contemporary demands and lifestyles is not easy for a child. Our Counseling Centre guides our students and parents to help them cope with both academic and psychological pressures.
Expert counselors help children deal with behavioral fluctuations and adolescent issues. They also help the students choose careers that best suit their talent and liking. The counseling instills a positive attitude, trains them to prioritize and most importantly to believe in themselves
360-degree Counseling - Academic, Parental, & Behavioral.
    Academic Counseling
As a child progresses towards Grade 10, its time for him/her to start exploring career paths.
At Cygnus we counsel students individually, to assess and align their capabilities and interests. We mentor and help them choose a career path that is in synergy with their innate strengths, desires and ambitions.
Emphasis will be placed on enhancing self awareness, determining interests, understanding values and considering skills/abilities.
    Parent Counseling
As a parent, you want to do what is best for your child, but you may sometimes struggle to understand the child's needs, pressures, desires or motives. Even if the cause is identified you may need assistance to deal with the situation.
The Cygnus Counseling Centre will talk you through new parenting strategies and stress management tools, which will help you, have a positive influence on your child's growth. Interactive sessions with eminent speakers will be arranged at regular intervals to discuss various attributes of responsible parenting. Parents will also be offered one-to-on sessions with the counselors to address any specific concerns of their child.
    Behavioral Counseling
As a child grows, so does his exposure to the outside world and its varied and diverse stimuli. Such stimuli, perceived expectations and peer pressure may at times lead to stress and emotional or behavioral difficulties. A fear of attending school, indecisiveness, disobedience, attention-seeking, aggressiveness or shyness are some of the common manifestations.
To address these challenges, expert and compassionate child counselors, at Cygnus, interact and engage with students and their parents to identify the root cause. By using systematic counseling techniques, they help the child to recognize the problem and then overcome it.