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Welcome, Cygnus Alumni!

Welcome, Cygnus Alumni!

For most of us, when we look back at our school days, we are overcome with memories of a time that was undeniably special –a time when friendships that were made stood the test of time, a time full of life changing classroom experiences (some good, some not so good!), a host of memorable extracurricular activities and a lot more. It was an experience that has had an enduring impact on our lives -- one that continues for long even after we have left. We know that your experience at Cygnus World School is special, and we firmly believe in our motto – Once a Cygnite, Always a Cygnite.
At Cygnus, we want to stay connected with you long after you have left the campus. We would like to celebrate your achievements and experiences and aim to forge lasting relationships between the alumni, staff and parents.
We have set up an alumni network to ensure enhanced connectivity with and within the alumni community, while also maintaining ties with the Cygnus family. We encourage the alumni to visit the school, interact with current students and share their experiences and achievements with the students.
Our Alumni Community
Our goal is to provide a sense of anchoring for our alumni to the school. We look forward to an active network by providing a platform for all ex-Cygnites to come together and unite. We hope to achieve this through regular alumni meets, visits to our campus to relive school memories, interactive sessions with our students and a lot more.
Most importantly, as the alumni of Cygnus, we see you as goodwill ambassadors of the school.
What can you do to get involved?
Ongoing engagement among alumni and continued support for Cygnus is an indispensable feature of being a part of the Alumni Association. Either as an ambassador, mentor, volunteer or benefactor, you play an important role.
Through the process of helping us increase alumni engagement, you help the school achieve its potential, and the students of tomorrow, to reach their goals.
Be a Part of the Vibrant Cygnus Alumni Association
We have designed the alumni section with the objective of uniting all ex- Cygnites. To reconnect and stay informed about all the latest news from Cygnus, please ensure we have your current contact information and other details.
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